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Issue 7 – Preview

Tim and his friends feel like they are safe, but the ice dude isn’t the only one stocking them. Can Tim stay in control during a pirate attack?! Can Sky and Tim protect James and Callie? Enjoy this action-packed issue as new possible friends or foes are introduced.

Issue 6 – Preview

Tim and his friends finally get to see Aquapelaga outside of the cave but things go wrong while training and Tim attempt to explain his true nature. Tim reveals why he is different beyond just his learning disabilities. Tim and Sky’s bond grow stronger as they make a promise.

Issue 5 -Preview

With their goal taken right underneath their feet, everyone is on the edge especially Tim. Tim is trying to get his anger under control, but he’s not the only one with boiling blood. To everyone’s surprise, things are going to escalate into a monstrous attack!

Issue 4 – Preview

Much to the surprise of the trio of friends, Thunder and Sky introduce Tim, Callie, and James to the reality of different realms by taking them to one. The newcomers finally get some answers. However, there are seeds of tension growing within the group.

Issue 3 – Preview

Tim and his friends come across a mysterious girl and a strange creature who knows much more of what’s going on, but this isn’t the only highlight. An extremely powerful enemy is revealed as he engages in his hunt for Tim.