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A boy puts on a mysterious glove that grants him strange powers. Thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, he is forced to learn about himself, his new abilities, and the universe around him in order to survive. Embark on an adventure through otherworldly realms as he explores the mystery of The Glove…

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About The Author


I do many things. Creating ideas, doing the writing for them, and even game design. I have always gotten lost in my imagination, and I strive to create something that is no longer trapped in my mind. It doesn’t help that my learning disabilities make it more challenging, but I have a fantastic team to help me. I like to pretend that I put interesting philosophies into my ideas, but only you can be the judge that. What’s important is that I try. I also try to get my inspiration from everything although video games hold a special way of inspiring me the most.

My favorite comic book series/story in general of all time is Zot! for many reasons. You can tell that the author, Scott McCloud, tried so hard to make something from his heart, and if you ask me, he succeeded. I hope I can be a similar writer, and let my readers walk away with a meaningful, or perhaps, a mind blowing experience at the end of it all. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of who I am.​


About Our Advocacy

The Glove is not just a piece of entertainment or literature. To all of us behind this project, it is more than that. The Glove is about the journey of Tim, a teen who has autism, who has challenges when it comes to learning and development, who has family and friends who continually support him throughout his journey and the challenges he faces. More importantly, The Glove is about raising awareness and breaking the barriers of autism through story-telling.

The creator and author of The Glove, Paul Graham, has a very similar story to our main character. He, too, has had to work around the challenges of autism growing up. Paul was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder at a very young age and told by doctors that he would never speak more than 24 words, learn to ride a bike, nor live independently. But his teachers, therapists, friends, and most of all, his mother inspired, aided, and guided Paul through his journey allowing him to break through the invisible walls that were put up around him. Paul did not need superpowers to overcome his challenges. The belief and support system he had was powerful enough.

Today, we are using this platform to help inspire all those who are also faced with the challenges of autism, not just the ones within the spectrum, but also the people blessed to be a part of that person’s life. The Glove is more than just a story about adventure, magic, and superpowers. It is a testament to the perseverance, growth, and the inner strength of someone like Paul who endured through his adversity and the collective resolve of the people who believed and supported him.